Our hoods must only be used by Basic Life Support (BLS) trained personnel

We assume that you learned your BLS training as: part of a hospital, ambulance, paramedic or rescue service, or as a first aider, care worker, office or factory worker. You might be called to provide emergency CPR on transport services, a bus, train or plane. You might be a citizen, providing a ‘first-response’ CPR service to your local community.

Our A B C of Online Training Resources

  • A - 'Training the Trainers' personalised training designed for your groups' needs

  • B - How to safely use and dispose of the hood

  • C - Design construction and safety features of the hood

A - Training the Trainers

The SARUS team can provide your CPR lead trainers with a personalised, ‘training the trainers’ service.

This will take the form of a booked, 30 minute online teaching session, hosted by one of our clinicians.
We will mail you a sample SARUS-CPR hood in advance of your training session in order to give you a hands-on opportunity to use the hood on one of your training mannequins.

To access this service please email us.

B - Using and Safely Disposing of the Hood

C - Design Construction and Safety Features

Additional Resources

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